Meeting Room Media

Our next set of Connect 2 U modules will feature the media and accessories available in our meeting rooms.  Because there is so much technology available, the lessons will be broken down into the following subjects:

  • Cart 1 – This media cart is associated with the Multipurpose Room (a.k.a. the large meeting room).
  • Cart 2 – This media cart is associated with Meeting Rooms A and B, as well as the EERC room.
  • Accessories – Items found in the meeting room closet that can be used with the carts.
  • wePresent – a new wireless presentation system purchased by the Friends during the last audiovisual upgrade in the Multipurpose Room.  The wePresent can be used with any projector that has an HDMI input.  It has many, many features, so this portion of the training will be broken down into multiple modules.

Because this set of modules has to be completed when the meeting room is available, the method of getting credit for completing them will be slightly different.  While you are free to practice the techniques in these modules on your own and blog about your experiences, I will be offering practice and testing windows when the meeting room is available.  During these time slots, I will be happy to demonstrate any available tech upon request.  When you are ready, I will ask you to set up and troubleshoot the tech based on likely scenarios.  This session is what will earn the raffle ticket.  No blog post is necessary.  Hopefully, having me available to answer questions will ease potential frustration with these more complicated modules.  As always, I welcome any suggestions that might help make these modules more user-friendly.