Connect 2 U – Rebooted!

Keyboard with a key labeled "training"

Welcome back to Connect 2 U!  In the past, we have run Connect 2 U as a time-limited program designed to encourage a few weeks of intense experimentation with new tech tools.  Based on feedback from participants, as well as the need to train on new tech the patrons are asking about, we have redesigned the program to be an ongoing source of tech training.  We hope spreading modules out over time will help you budget time to lighten the burden of tech training and balance it with your many other duties.  If you have an idea for a module, you can either submit the idea to Karrie or ask about writing the module yourself.  Participants who create modules will get to choose any Connect 2 U prize as a thank-you for putting in the extra time.  Please note that we are offering a much wider variety of prizes this year.

Our first group of modules will focus on aspects of Windows 10.  We will be upgrading the staff computers to Windows 10 soon, and these modules are designed to help ease your transition from Windows 7.  The sooner you complete the modules, the more comfortable you are likely to be with the new operating system.  After completing each module, please blog about the experience in order to receive a raffle ticket.  Additional raffle tickets will be given for comments on each other’s blogs.  We will have prize drawings monthly, and the winner can choose any Connect 2 U prize.  The next set of modules will be released at the end of the summer, so please try to complete the Windows 10 modules before September.  All librarians (except subs) are required to complete these modules.  See your department head if you need help finding time to complete them.  It’s highly recommended that all other staff members at least review the modules in order to prepare for our transition to Windows 10.

To get started with the Windows 10 modules, select “Windows 10” from the right menu on this page or “Windows 10 Overview” from the top menu.  If you have already started the modules, select an item from the Windows 10 sub-menu.

*If you are using a staff laptop and experience issues connecting to Wi-Fi, right-click the Wi-Fi connection icon and select Troubleshoot.  This should reset the adapter and connect the laptop to the network.  If it does not work the first time, it should work with a second try.


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