Welcome to Connect 2 U 2014!

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This year, we are going to focus on using and troubleshooting our digital e-book, audiobook, and video collections available through OverDrive and Tumblebooks.  Throughout the program, we will use different devices to access a variety of content.  Like last year’s program, there will be several modules to be completed and blogged about by participants.  I will make myself available for assistance as needed.  Along the way, we’ll have incentives to help keep you motivated.  At the end of the program, participants who have completed the required six modules will receive a gift card.

How It Works

We are trying a new program structure/schedule based on feedback from Connect 2 U 2013.  Instead of posting weekly modules to be completed in a timely fashion, all 13 modules will be posted at the start of the program.  Participants will have 12 weeks to complete six of the modules.  Feel free to work at your own pace.  Most modules will require a blog/intranet summary for credit, but the OverDrive Overview module has an associated quiz that must be taken to be considered completed.  If you participated in Connect 2 U last year, you already have a blog you can use to post about the modules.  If you do not have a blog (or prefer not to use it), you can write your post in Word (titled using the module name and your last name – such as “OverDrive Overview – McLellan”) and upload it the appropriate folder on the intranet (Connect 2 U 2014 library).

There are a few criteria for module selection:

  • Everyone must complete the OverDrive Overview (module #1). No blog entry is required for this module, but there will be a quiz.
  • Everyone must complete the OverDrive Streaming Video module (#2) on their device of choice.
  • At least one chosen device must be an e-reader (black and white device including Sony Reader, Nook Simple Touch, and Kindle Keyboard).
  • At least one chosen device must be a tablet/smartphone (color device including Nook Color, Kindle Fire, Android, iPad, and Microsoft Surface).
  • Participants may use their own devices, especially if completing the OverDrive Computer module or OverDrive Audiobook module. However, at least two selected devices must be new to the participant. If you have already trained on all of the devices, please pick two with which you are less familiar.

All full-time librarians are required to complete the program.  Part-time librarians and non-librarian staff are strongly encouraged to participate.  There are prizes for every module you complete!

Getting Started

Head to the 2014 modules page to see a linked list of this year’s topics.  Some are required, but you can complete them in any order.  You may find it easier to start with the OverDrive Overview module, though.

Getting Credit

To get credit for completing most modules, you must write a reaction to the module and post it to the Connect 2 U library on the intranet or your blog.  Email Karrie to let her know to look for your response.  Please note that you do not need to write a response to the “OverDrive Overview” module – just complete the quiz.

As you write about each module, consider the following questions as a guideline:

  • How intuitive is the device in general?
  • How intuitive is the download/streaming process?
  • Did anything surprise you about the device?
  • Did anything frustrate/annoy you about the device?
  • Would you own or recommend this device to a patron? Why?
  • Do you have any insights on how to best assist patrons with the method or device?
  • Did you have any other questions or comments about the device or process?



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