Tumblebooks: The Other E-book Service


[ed. 12/21/15 – Tumblebooks will no longer be available to UHLS patrons after mid-2016]  Through UHLS, all member libraries have access to Tumblebooks, an e-library of interactive books and games for kids (to around age 10).  The collection includes picture books, chapter books, poetry, videos, games, and more.  The user can choose to have the text read out loud, or sound can be muted.  Tumblebooks can be accessed on any device with a modern browser (browsers on black & white e-readers will not render this content).  In order to access Tumblebooks, you must use the link assigned to UHLS users or you will be prompted to login.

Competencies/Assignments for This Module

  • View a Tumblebook
  • Set the Tumblebook to manual advancement
  • Set the Tumblebook to automatic advancement
  • Toggle the sound on/off (On some books, this is a speaker icon. Others display a play/pause button.)
  • Find the help screen
  • View full screen/return to regular screen (on a portable device)
  • Exit the Tumblebook

Quick Tips

  • You must access Tumblebooks through the link on this page to be signed in automatically: http://eastgreenbushlibrary.org/emedia/
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player installed if you are accessing the site with a computer.
  • When accessing the site from a portable device, you will receive a prompt window asking if you would like the mobile version of the site. Please use the mobile version, because Flash does not work on most devices.
  • Clicking on a title opens a new window. Close the title’s window to return to the Tumblebooks catalog.
  • For some reason, clicking on some internal links (between story categories) can cause the website to log you out. If that happens, you will need to re-enter the site using the original link from the page above.
  • In testing, the third book (and all additional attempts within a session) came up blank when using Firefox and IE on a desktop computer. There was nothing in the Help section about this, so it may be something unique in the way the library’s browsers are set up. The Chrome browser did not have a problem displaying any of the titles I clicked.

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