OverDrive Streaming Video


Streaming video is a new offering from OverDrive.  It allows patrons to check out and stream a video using the web browser on a computer or (color) digital device.  To stream a video, the browser must support HTML5, as the latest versions of most major browsers do.  Kindle and Nook devices may have difficulty streaming video because their browsers are highly customized.  Certain videos can also be downloaded to computers running OverDrive Media Console, but we will not be reviewing that process in this module.  The loan period for streaming videos can be set to 3, 5, or 7 days.  However, most videos will expire 48 hours after the start of viewing.  Videos can be renewed, and if you are using the OverDrive Media Console app on a portable device, they can be returned early, as well.  This module can be completed on the computer or device of your choice.

Competencies/Assignment for This Module

  • Check out and stream a video. It is not necessary to watch the entire video.
  • If possible from your device, return the video early.
  • Write a post about your experience.

Helpful Hints

  • If you are streaming the video on a portable device with the OverDrive Media Console app installed, a shortcut to the video will be installed on the app’s bookshelf. This makes it easy to return to the video if you need to pause it. To return the video early, press and hold the shortcut and select return and delete.
  • If you are streaming the video on a computer and need to close the video window, you can restart the video by logging into http://digitalcollection.uhls.org with your library card number and tapping on the account icon (person’s head) to go to your checkouts.
  • Make sure to use a Wi-Fi connection when streaming video, as it may cause data overages on a mobile network.
  • Tap the screen or hover over the video with your mouse to reveal a playback menu.

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