OverDrive for Nook Color/Tablet


The Nook Color (tablet) is a touchscreen tablet available from Barnes and Noble.  It runs on a proprietary version of the Android operating system and can surf the web, run apps, stream music and video, and perform other functions.  The newest Nooks run on Samsung hardware.  The main difference between a Nook Color and other tablets is the lack of camera.  The Nook Color can be connected to Wi-Fi for access to the internet.  The Nook Color can use the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) app to download and consume both e-books and audiobooks.  The OMC app for Nook is similar to an old version of the app for other platforms.  To use the app, you must also have an Adobe ID.

Competencies/Tasks for This Device


  • Turn device on and off. Know how to tell when the device is sleeping vs. powered off.
  • Adjust brightness & volume
  • Turn Wi-Fi on/off
  • Access the internet


  • Navigate the settings to adjust for personal preferences
  • Login to the Nook store
  • Add an email


  • Access/dismiss keyboard
  • Use shift key
  • Use numbers
  • Turn caps on/off
  • Use special characters


  • Install an app
  • Explain the difference between a browser and an app
  • How to close apps
  • Organizing apps
    • Create and move icons
    • Create folders
  • Using the OverDrive app to download, return, and navigate e-books, including bookmarks and comments.

Navigating the Nook Color

  • To turn the Nook on or off, press and hold the button on the left edge. Waking will require a swipe to unlock (drag the green and white “n” circle from left to right) . Shutting down fully will require confirmation. The Nook will “go to sleep” if left inactive, but this still uses power, especially if connected to the wireless network.
  • Swipe left or right to turn pages or navigate screens.
  • Tap book cover/icon to open it.
  • Press and hold an item on a shelf to open a menu including view details, delete, add it to another shelf, etc.
  • To enlarge some views, place thumb and forefinger on the Nook’s surface, about an inch apart. Spread apart until desired size is reached.
  • To decrease size in some views, place thumb and forefinger on the Nook’s surface (spread wide). Pull together until desired size is reached.
  • Press the “n” to reveal a menu that includes home, library, settings, shop (B&N), search, apps, and web.
  • Tap “More” on the top bar for shortcuts to recently used items.
  • Tap “Keep Reading” on the top bar to continue reading the last book read.

Connecting to Wireless

Items in italics only apply to our wireless network.

  1. Press the “n” button and select “settings.”
  2. Tap “wireless” and make slide the bar to turn on wireless.
  3. Navigate to library in the network list and press enter to connect.
  4. The nook will indicate that additional login information is required. Select “OK.”
  5. If you are not prompted to agree to the wireless network policy, open the browser (press “n” button and tap “Web”) and enter our website in the address bar and tap the Facebook icon at the bottom of the page to prompt the agreement page.
  6. Agree. The page will refresh in 10 seconds, as on laptops.
  7. Open web page to confirm.

Surfing the Internet

  1. Make sure the Nook is connected to a wireless network.
  2. Press the “n” button and select “web.” Our website will give you a choice of the mobile or desktop version of the website.
  3. Top toolbar contains a back button, address bar, bookmarks link (star) to add a bookmark or access bookmark/history lists, and a menu button.
  4. Menu button can open a new window, manage windows, access bookmarks, page forward, find on page, access page info, access settings, or see downloads.

Adding/Deleting an Email Account

There are two methods for receiving email on your Nook Color/Tablet.  You can download the app from your provider (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), or you can configure the native email client with information about your accounts.  These instructions are for the second method.

  1. Press the n button and select “apps” from the menu.
  2. Tap the “email” icon.
  3. Enter your address and password and tap “netx.”
  4. Enter your account name and your name as you want it displayed on outgoing email. Tap “done.”
  5. To delete the account, tap the dropdown box with your account name in it and select “accounts.” Check the box next to your account and then tap the trash icon. Confirm.

Uploading to the Nook Color

  1. With the Nook powered on and unlocked, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. A “USB Mode” notification will appear on the Nook.
  2. If an autoplay window appears on your computer, select “Open folder to view files.” If there is no autoplay window, go to [My]Computer>MyNookColor.
  3. Open the “My Files” folder.
  4. Copy and paste or drag and drop unprotected PDF, ePub, mp3, or image files to the appropriate folders.
  5. In addition to the listed formats, which all Nooks can support, Nook Color can also handle the following file types: (docs) XLS, DOC, PPT, PPS, TXT, DOCM, XLSM, PPTM, PPSX, PPSM, DOCX, XLX, PPTX, (audio) mp4, aac, (video) mp4.

Downloading Books and Apps from the Nook Store

  1. Make sure the Nook is connected to a wireless network.
  2. Press the “n” button and select “shop.”
  3. Browse categories at the top (books, magazines, newspapers, kids, apps, or music+video apps), select a list, or tap the search area to enter a search term.
  4. To change the list view, tap the icon in the upper right of a list.
  5. Tap the home icon at the top of any store page to return to the first store page.
  6. Tap a title for more information, including reviews, a summary, a free sample, and recommendations. Click the x in the upper right corner to close this screen.
  7. Tap the price to purchase.
  8. To exit the store, press the “n” button and select another location/feature.

Pro tip:  If a patron is prompted to enter a credit card number and they only wish to use free apps, try a number on this page:  http://www.paypalobjects.com/en_US/vhelp/paypalmanager_help/credit_card_numbers.htm. It will pass as a valid card, but will not accept any charges.

OverDrive for Nook Color

Watch the video: http://help.overdrive.com/#videos

Download the brochure

App Setup

Steps in italics are only needed for first run.

  1. Tap the “n” button>Apps, then tap “Shop now” toward the top center of the screen.
  2. Type “OverDrive Media Console” in the search box at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap “Free”, then “confirm.” After installation, the icon will be available on the bottom of the home screen as well as in the app menu.
  4. Open the app. Tap the menu icon (three lines) at the bottom of the screen and select “Get Books.” (If prompted for an Adobe ID, skip to step 10, and then come back to step 4.)
  5. Tap “add a library” and enter our zip code. (Tap the box to get a keyboard.) Tap “search.”
  6. Select our library.
  7. On the next screen, tap the star to turn it yellow. This saves the library as a “favorite.”
  8. Tap the library’s name to access the catalog. (To get to this screen, tap the menu icon on the bottom of the screen, then “get books.”)
  9. Search, check out and download an e-book or audiobook.
  10. On the first download, you will be prompted to enter an Adobe ID, if you did not enter it at setup.  If you do not have one, click the link at the bottom of the page to create one.
  11. Enter the ID and password in the app and tap “Authorize.”
  12. To enjoy the book, tap the title on the app’s local bookshelf. To get to the bookshelf from the reading view, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Bookshelf.”
  13. Tap the + next to the title in the bookshelf view to return/delete or get details about the item.

Navigating E-books in OverDrive

  • To return to the main screen from the reading view, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the page and select “Bookshelf.”
  • Within a book, tap the menu icon to access item details, navigation, bookmarks, and reader settings.
  • Press and hold a word to look it up in a dictionary or Wikipedia.       You must be connected to a network for this feature to work.
  • To create a bookmark or access bookmarks, tap the menu icon and select bookmarks.

Navigating Audiobooks in OverDrive

  • When listening to an audiobook, some menus are available at all times. Once can pause, fast forward, rewind, rewind 15 seconds, create bookmarks, view table of contents (navigation).
  • To return to the bookshelf view, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Bookshelf.”
  • To set a sleep timer, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen and select “Sleep Timer.”
  • To view book details, tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen and select “details.”
  • Note – at least one “part” of the book must be fully downloaded before listening can begin.

Quick Tips

  • If OverDrive titles do not download to the app as expected, go to menu>downloads and tap “Download All.” To download titles automatically, go to menu>app settings and check the “auto-download files” box. When users engage “airplane mode” on their devices, file downloads get turned off. However, when the device is taken out of airplane mode, the file downloads do not toggle back on automatically.
  • The Nook Color/Tablet can also download e-books using the Nook Simple Touch method (download to computer and transfer to the tablet), but the app method is simpler and has the added advantage of allowing the download of audiobooks.


  • Download and install the OverDrive app.
  • Download and return an e-book, experimenting with settings.
  • Download and return an audiobook, experimenting with settings.
  • Set up and delete an email account
  • Review the competencies above and be sure to experiment with all gestures and settings.

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