OverDrive for Nook Simple Touch and GlowLight

nook glow lightOverview

The Nook Simple Touch/GlowLight is a black and white e-reader, and its only function is to read e-books.  It does not have a web browser, speaker, or apps (unless you count the ability to purchase e-books from Barnes & Noble).  Because it cannot download directly from OverDrive, it must be paired with a computer that has Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) installed.  Both the computer and the device need to be authorized with the same Adobe ID.  Our Nook Simple Touch is already paired with and HP netbook.  If you choose to complete this module, you can either check out both devices, or install ADE on your computer and reauthorize the Nook using your own Adobe ID.

NOTE:  If you are completing this module, consider pairing it with the OverDrive for PC/Mac module.  In order to transfer the e-book from your computer to the Nook, you will need to complete most of the steps in the PC/Mac module, anyway.

Competencies for This Device

  • Turn device on and off. Know how to tell when the device is sleeping vs. powered off.
  • Turn Wi-Fi on/off
  • Access the internet
  • Navigate the settings to adjust for personal preferences
  • Navigate e-books, including bookmarks and comments.
  • Download e-books from Barnes and Noble
  • Download from OverDrive

Navigating the Nook Simple Touch

  • To turn the Nook on or off, press and hold the button on the back of the device. Waking will require pressing the “n” on the front of the device and then swiping from left to right to unlock. Shutting down fully will require confirmation. The Nook will “go to sleep” if left inactive, but this still uses power, especially if connected to the wireless network.
  • Swipe left or right to turn pages or navigate screens.
  • Tap book cover/icon to open it.
  • Double tap an item to view details.
  • To increase/decrease text size while reading, tap the center of the page and tap the “Aa” in the resulting menu.
  • For the table of contents or search function, tap the center of the page.
  • Press the “n” to reveal a menu that includes home, library, settings, shop (B&N), search.
  • Tap “More” on the top bar for shortcuts to recently used items.
  • Tap the book icon on the top bar to continue reading the last book read.

Connecting to Wireless

Items in italics only apply to our wireless network.

  1. Press the “n” button and select “settings.”
  2. Tap “wireless.”
  3. Navigate to library in the network list and press enter to connect.
  4. The nook will indicate that additional login information is required. Select “OK.”
  5. Agree. The page will refresh in 10 seconds, as on laptops.

Uploading to the Nook

Assuming you already have a file on your computer to transfer to the Nook:

  1. With the Nook powered on and unlocked, connect it to your computer using the USB cable. A “USB Mode” notification will appear on the Nook.
  2. If an autoplay window appears on your computer, select “Open folder to view files.” If there is no autoplay window, go to [My]Computer>MyNook.
  3. Open the “My Files” folder.
  4. Copy and paste or drag and drop unprotected PDF or ePub files to the appropriate folders.

Downloading Books from Barnes & Noble

If you are completing this action immediately following an upload, be sure to disconnect the device from your computer first.

  1. Make sure the Nook is connected to a wireless network.
  2. Press the “n” button and select “shop.”
  3. Browse, select a list, or tap the search area to enter a search term.
  4. To switch the view between icons and a list, tap the appropriate icon in the upper right of a list.
  5. Tap the home icon at the top of any store page to return to the first store page.
  6. Tap a title for more information, including reviews, a summary, a free sample, and recommendations. Click the x in the upper right corner to close this screen.
  7. Tap the price to purchase.
  8. To exit the store, press the “n” button and select another location/feature.

OverDrive for Nook (and other basic e-readers)

Watch the video (Nook E-ink): http://help.overdrive.com/#videos

Download the brochure

Downloading an E-book

  1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer from http://digitalcollection.uhls.org (bottom of page>Applications).
  2. If you do not already have an Adobe ID, click the link on the setup screen to create one and enter it in the setup wizard. You can use the same Adobe ID on up to 6 devices (including the computer ADE is installed on).
  3. Search http://digitalcollection.uhls.org on the computer with ADE installed. Checkout and download the ePub version of the book with Adobe Digital Editions open. It should open in ADE automatically or you will receive a prompt asking which program to use to open the e-book.
  4. In ADE, switch to the library view (upper left corner). You should see the covers of downloaded books in this view.
  5. Plug your Nook into your computer. If prompted, activate the device under the same Adobe ID as the computer.
  6. Your Nook should appear last in the left menu. Drag the desired book from the main frame to where your Nook is listed. When the cursor turns into a green and white plus sign, drop the book into the Nook.
  7. Safely remove your Nook using the icon in the taskbar on the lower right of your computer screen (near the time).
  8. Navigate to the library area on the Nook (some generations call it “my files”, others call it documents or similar names).
  9. Inside the library area, there will be a folder named “Digital Editions.” Your library book will be in that folder. You should be able to add a shortcut to the home screen by pressing and holding the title and selecting the shortcut option from the resulting menu.

Reading Options

When an e-book is opened, tapping the center of the screen reveals a menu. Tapping again (away from the menu) dismisses it.  Pressing and holding on the screen produces another menu.

Tap Menu Options:

  • Table of contents
  • Find (within book)
  • Go to (page)
  • Text (change font style and size)
  • More (more info, buy)
  • Bookmark (ribbon in upper right of the screen)

Press and Hold Menu Options (drag the bars that appear on either side of the word to change text selection):

  • Highlight text
  • Add note
  • Share (social media)
  • Look up

If a tap does not return you to the book after using a menu, tap the book icon in the upper left corner of the screen or press the X on the overlay window.


  • Download an e-book to the Nook Simple Touch.
  • Experiment with the font style, size, and spacing.
  • Select a word in the text and look up the definition.

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