Final Week!

Hello everyone and welcome to our final module on OverDrive! Overdrive is a popular service for libraries to use for downloading e-books and e-audiobooks. Luckily, it’s fairly simple to use for whichever device you are using – once you get past the set-up that is. Our module will take you through set-up and downloading in detail so you can help your patrons use this service after you’ve mastered it!

Have fun playing with e-books and e-audiobooks! You all are doing a fantastic job with our Connect2U program!!


2 thoughts on “Final Week!”

  1. This has really been a lot of fun learning about all these new applications. I was excited to have downloaded a book to my computer with Overdrive and it wasn’t that hard to do at all.

    1. We’ve had a great time working with all of you, and I’m really glad to hear that you found the program fun and helpful. I’ll be curious to hear whether you all continue using some of the applications you started using in the program – and even learn about some new ones. I hope you do!

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