Week 6 – Delicious & Evernote

 Hope everyone had a lot of fun using Dropbox. This week we are going to explore the world of  social bookmarking. In this module we present to you two social bookmarking tools: Delicious & Evernote



Delicious is a free online bookmarking site. Delicious provides users an easy way to collect, store, and share what they like from the web. Unlike conventional bookmarks which can be accessed from your computer alone, bookmarks stored on Delicious can be accessed from any computer that has internet access.

Why use Delicious

Using Delicious will allow you to

  • Maintain you bookmarks online
  • Share your bookmarks with friends
  • See what other people are bookmarking

How Libraries can use Delicious

According to http://www.libsuccess.org, libraries can use Delicious and other social bookmarking tools to

  • Collect and share a list of links to key sources in a topic area- a library subject guide
  • Collect and share resources around an event or local happening
  • Collect and share resources for staff professional development
  • Illustrate the use of a valuable resource to patrons who are learning research skills
  • Provide a mechanism by which library patrons can contribute resources to a topic area as well as tag (label) the content areas

Which Libraries  are using  Delicious

Finally, if you need assistance with any of the following activities please don’t hesitate to visit Delicious help page https://delicious.com/help/bookmarklets.


Activity#1) Create a Delicious Account  

  • Open a new browser window and go to https://delicious.com
  • Sign up for an account by clicking on  the blueJoin Delicious” button.
  • If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you can sign in using those.
  • If not click “Create an Account” to sign up.
  • You can add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks toolbar so you can easily save links. Add the bookmarklet  by clicking on the following link. bookmarklet.

Activity #2) Explore  & Add Links

  • You can explore Delicious by typing key words in the search window located at the  top left.
  • You can also explore by clicking on the Discover tab at the top of the page. On the Discover page you can also browse through the Recent Tags at the top left. See if you find anything interesting.
  • To add a link to your account, simply click on the + sign that is located to right of the link. A window will pop up with the link title already in place. Simply add your comments and tags that best describe the site. Now click the Add Link button.
  • You can add your favorite website by using the “Add to Delicious” button from your bookmark bar or  you can use the “Add Link” button located at the top right of the page. After adding the links you may have to refresh the page.
  • You can view your links by clicking the “Remember” button located at the top center of the page.

Activity #3) Follow a User

  • As you are exploring the world of Delicious, you will come across many users who have interests that are similar to yours. Go to their profile picture or username and see what they have in their collection. If you find someone that interests you then follow that user. To follow a user simply click the blueFollow‘ button on the user’s profile page.


Evernote not only allows you to store and share information from the web but it also lets you store and share files, documents, written and typed notes and much more. The best part is that everything is stored in the cloud so like ‘Delicious’ you can practically access as well as share your stuff with others from anywhere using any computer or mobile device as long as you have internet access.

Why Use Evernote

Let’s begin by watching this short and sweet video introducing Evernote

How Librarians can use Evernote

  •  Librarians can use Evernote for information management.
  • Librarians can use Evernote for taking notes from multiple sources of information.
  • Librarians can use Evernote for Collection Development.
  • Librarians can teach library patrons how to use Evernote for collecting and storing information.

You can watch these two videos to get an idea on how to make use of Evernote

Evernote as a library research tool

Evernote for creating and sharing collection development lists

Finally, if you need assistance with any of the following activities please don’t hesitate to visit

http://evernote.com/getting_started/#0 and click on the pertinent section.


Activity #1) Create a free Evernote Account

Watch this video to learn how to create an Evernote Account.

 Open a new browser window and go to https://www.evernote.com/Registration.action to create your Evernote Account.

Watch the following video to learn more about Evernote

Please read the following instructions carefully before downloading Evernote Web Clipper. 

  • Chrome users can get “Web clipper for chrome“. 
  • For other  browsers including Internet Explorer and Fire Fox, please do not install web clipper for those browsers instead please move your mouse pointer on “For other browsers” or “View Web Clipper downloads for other browsers“. A window will pop up;  under “Other Browsers” you will find the “Bookmarklet” cutting tool.  Click on the “Boolmarklet” and then drag the “Bookmarklet” cutting tool to your bookmark bar.

You can download either the Evernote Web Clipper or the Bookmarklet by clicking the Evernote Web Clipper  link and by following the above instructions.    

Activity #2) Create  your very own Notebook

Create your very own notebook. You can use a topic or theme if you like for your collection, be creative add photos, websites and more.

Activity #3) Share your Notes with fellow participants

  • To share your Notes simply click on the note that you wish to share.
  • Your note will open in the panel on the right.
  • Now Click the  Arrow (SEND) button located at the top right of your page.
  • You can share your notes using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Email and Link. This time share your notes via email.

Activity #4) 

Write in your blog about your experience your first impressions of using Delicious and Evernote tools and/or their potential uses for your work. If you are already using one of them, you could write about the kinds of project for which they have been useful. If you wish, you could also compare and contrast the value of each of these tools . (For the convenience of other participants please delete the “Evernote Web Clipper” or the “Evernote Bookmarklet” and the “Add to Delicious” button from your bookmark tool bar.) 
  • Chrome Users will need to right click on the “Web clipper icon and click “Remove from Chrome“.
  • Others will need to right click on the Bookmarklet cutting tool in your bookmark bar and click “delete“.
  • To remove the “Add to Delicious” button from your bookmark bar simply right click on the button and click “delete“.

That’s it everyone! Congratulations on finishing this week’s module. Looking forward to seeing you next week!

More to Explore (Optional)

This Learning 2.0 module was originally designed and implemented by students in Dr.Michael Stephens‘ Transformative Literacies class in the Spring of 2013. This class is part of San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science curriculum. It was authored and adapted by Vaishali Sapre with the Public Library Group for East Greenbush Library. It is available for use for other libraries or institutions. Special thanks to Melissa Eleftherion Carr,  Allison Mackey & Evan Carlson  some of this module was modeled after their work.
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


2 thoughts on “Week 6 – Delicious & Evernote”

  1. the tutorial of Evernote sharing of collection development notes was by someone with a pretty strong southern accent and i found it distracting and sometimes hard to understand-maybe it would have been easier if it was by someone else?

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your feedback. In future we will pay careful attention to both the content as well as the accent, etc. when selecting videos. Thanks for pointing that out.
    Vaishali (Connect 2 U Team)

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