Week 5 – Dropbox

 This week we are trying out Dropbox.

Breaking News (4/9/13): Yahoo Mail! Partners with Dropbox http://www.zdnet.com/yahoo-mail-dropbox-partnership-spells-win-win-for-both-parties-7000013402/

What is it?

Dropbox is a free desktop application which allows you to store your documents online so that you can access them from multiple computers and your mobile devices. You get 2 GB of  storage for free when you sign up. No need to send email attachments or store your documents on a USB stick, just drop them into Dropbox!

Here’s a Youtube video about Dropbox:

Why should I know about Dropbox?

It’s great for file-sharing and it’s easy to use. Like Google Docs, Dropbox can also be used when collaborating with others on a project as it enables easy file-sharing without the need for creating duplicates. For example, one person can drop documents and files into Dropbox and then invite other people to access and edit those files.


Please note: At first glance it might look like this section has a lot of activities. No worries. Try as many as you want or try them all. Have fun!

Activity #1

If you don’t already have a Dropbox account, go to the Dropbox website and create one. Once you have created an account, you will be directed to a page that explains how to download Dropbox.

After you have downloaded and installed Dropbox, you will have a Dropbox folder on your computer where you can store any files that you want to share with others. You can access these files from any computer by logging into the Dropbox website with your username and password. From here, you can view, download and upload files securely using any web browser.

Activity #2

Create a new folder inside your main Dropbox folder by right clicking on your mouse, select “new” and then “folder.” Name the folder.

Activity #3

Upload one or more files to your newly created folder.

Activity #4

You can access your documents on Dropbox from your smart phone, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle Fire.

Download Dropbox’s mobile app to access, edit, and upload files from your mobile device.

Activity #5

Alter one of your files, now access it via a different device to see the changes reflected.

The little Dropbox logo should also appear in your tray by the clock on your monitor or laptop screen. You can click on the icon and see your recent activities.

Activity #6

Share a file or folder with someone (e.g., one of your East Greenbush pals) who already has a Dropbox account by right clicking on the folder or file then selecting “Dropbox”, then “share link” or “share this folder.”  Enter that person’s email address and then click “send.” This will send an email inviting the recipient to view your folder or file via Dropbox. If the recipient is not yet a member of Dropbox, the email will direct them to a page asking them to register.

Blog Post

Write about your first impressions of any or all of these tools and/or their potential uses for your work. If you are already using one or more of them, you could write about the kinds of projects for which they have been useful. If you wish, you could also compare and contrast the value of each of these different tools and consider how they could be used to further your own professional development.

This Learning 2.0 module was originally designed and implemented by students in Dr. Michael Stephens‘ Transformative Literacies class in the Spring of 2013. This class is part of San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science curriculum. It was authored and adapted by Perlita Payne with the Public Library Group for East Greenbush Library. It is available for use by other libraries or institutions. Some of this module was modeled from the University of Oxford’s 23 Things website.


6 thoughts on “Week 5 – Dropbox”

  1. I’m waiting for a video I used for the YouTube assignment to upload to Dropbox, so I thought I’d send you a question while I wait. It says that a change to a file in your Dropbox account makes changes to that file in any other location where you have Dropbox installed. Does this mean that Dropbox has direct access to files on my computer? Isn’t this a security risk? That makes me very nervous. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t do online banking because I think it isn’t very secure, as seems to be proved out by the recent relentless cyberattacks on U.S. financial institutions. Please respond. Thanks.

    1. Good morning, thanks for trying out dropbox. As far as i know, dropbox only has access to files that you put into dropbox. You are correct to be concerned about security especially with regards to cloud storage. Here are a couple of articles i found on the topic of security and dropbox, this one is from the dropbox website https://www.dropbox.com/help/27/en. This one has suggestions on how to better secure your dropbox account http://www.howtogeek.com/129393/6-ways-to-secure-your-dropbox-account/. -Perlita (Connect 2 u team)

  2. I love Dropbox! it will really help me to have info that i can share with my daughter in college, so she can access it to get pictures, info, etc. in a timely fashion. Best module yet!

  3. Glad you love Dropbox. It is such a handy tool with so many different ways you can use it. It is great that you have found a simple and easy way for sharing information with your daughter.
    Vaishali (Connect 2 U Team)

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